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Behind The VC Company Founded By A Malaysian Who's Faced Bankruptcy Twice In His Career

Consider TinkBig as a baby startup’s First Venture Capitalist because they are “comfortable with the rough imperfection of a new venture”. In fact, their team of 11 seasoned entrepreneurs aims to help startups even from the roughest ideation stage to commercialisation.

We caught up with Andrew Tan, co-founder and Venture Partner of TinkBig for a look into his insight into business, as well as TinkBig as a whole.

According to Andrew, “Most of us have been taught to think outside the box, but my personal philosophy is that there is no box at all. Why do most people try to box themselves in when you can just tear the box away and let your imagination and creativity run wild?”

Thus, Andrew brought his personal philosophy into even the logo design of his company, with the words bursting out of a box to signify their support for immense creativity.

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