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How 2 Co-Founders With Zero Technical Expertise Convinced Investors To Give Them RM755k

- Malaysian startup TAG La have announced their success in receiving RM755,000 in equity crowdfunding through Crowdplus.Asia.

- The funding comes after a period of bootstrapping that resulted in TAG La selling over 10,000 Bluetooth tracker units in their first year of operations.

Just last week, Malaysian startup TAG La announced their success in acquiring over RM750,000 in equity crowdfunding from over 10 investors through Crowdplus.Asia, with the funding led by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd and TBV Capital.

The influx of funds marks’s 10th successful funding campaign, and comes two years after co-founders Edison Lim and Max Chua began selling their tracker devices—little tags that could help people locate misplaced belongings via the power of Bluetooth.

“Simple as it may sound, it addresses the everyday need of the masses, which is tracking our most important items such wallets and keys,” said Juliana Jan, CIO of Cradle of TAG La’s trackers. “Their product roadmap also explores other features that I’m excited about.”

“And most important, we really believe in the two founders, Edison and Max. Their grit, intuition and hard work are simply impressive.” full article please read here :

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