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A Malaysian VC Discusses Startups, Investment Decisions, Exit, and Equity Crowdfunding - Part 2

TinkBig is a newly founded venture capital (VC) firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. VC Insider News sat down with the team to understand their vision and mission, and how they plan to make an impact in Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This part 2 of the story. ReadPart 1 to find out more about the founders, fund size, ticket size and investment verticals.

“An Overview of Startup Ecosystem in Malaysia”

According the TinkBig, Malaysia has a pretty good ecosystem for startups. Barriers to entry for entrepreneurs are relatively low. They can start running a startup in a very lean way with about RM20,000 or US$5,000. Before reaching VCs, there are a few funding options, pretty similar to other markets.

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